Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Three Signs You May Not Be To Blame for a Slip and Fall Accident

From the time you first hit the ground, others may have been trying to convince you that your fall injury at a Bay Park Square store, in a shop in the Olde Main District, or elsewhere in Green Bay was your fault. The store manager may have said something like, “Surely you noticed the water,” or the insurance adjuster may ask, “You were on your phone at the time you fell, right? How could you even see what was in front of you?”

Three Signs You May Not Be To Blame for a Slip and Fall Accident

Don’t Let Them Change the Facts

Do not agree to what they are saying and admit that you were negligent until you stop and think about the situation. You might not have seen the water or you may have been your phone. This does not necessarily make the slip and fall accident your fault. Instead, consider what really happened:
  • Was any warning provided about the danger? For example, was there warning tape or a wet floor sign in the area?
  • Was the danger open and obvious, or more subtle? Was it hard to see or easy to detect? 
  • Had the danger been there for a long period of time? Was it a new problem that occurred shortly before your injury, or an ongoing problem?
If there was no warning, if the danger was hard to detect, and if the property manager knew about or should have known about the risk, then the accident might not have been your fault and you may be entitled to a legal recovery.

Know For Sure
Before you talk to the insurance adjuster or settle your case it is important to know what really caused your injury. To find out more, please start an online chat with us today. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation about your rights and possible recovery.

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