Thursday, 23 October 2014

Personal Injury Claims Besides Accidents

An injury caused to a person due to the negligence of another person is a personal injury. The general idea about personal injury is when a person gets injured in an accident. The accident has occurred as a result of negligence of the other driver who is involved. 

Personal Injury Claims Besides Accidents
Besides this general notion, there are other areas which enable you to claim personal injury damages. As the meaning per se, personal injury is the one that happens as a result of offender’s negligence. So, injury caused due to the defective products manufactured by a company, also falls under this parameter.

Defective Products
The products that proved to be dangerous for your personal use are defective products. If for some reason one has received physical damage due to a faulty product, he/she can claim a personal injury claim. Designers and manufacturers are liable to sell safe and comfortable to all products. In case they fail to keep this up, they are liable for paying the damages caused.

This case is different from other visible and non-visible injuries. As in the previously mentioned cases a person has to prove his damages. But in this case where damages are as a result of malfunctioning and faulty products, the claimer need not prove his injury. Rather he needs only to prove that the product is dangerous to use. The product design and manufacturing is unreasonably dangerous to use as intended.

It also can include the defective make of the product. This defective make might have triggered some problem that backfired and injured you. Another reason though is the instructions given to use the product. It is necessary for the manufacturer or the assembler to state instructions for the use of this product. At the same time, making mandatory dos and don’ts, and also provide adequate directions to use the product. When such obligations are not met with and an injury is caused, the defender or the consumer in this case can claim a personal injury claim.

Reporting the injury

  • The defender should keep the evidence, in the first case.
  • Secondly, keep the product in the same state as it was when injury occurred.
  •  Make note of the name of the manufacturer, model, serial number, and user manual.
  •  Keep the receipt which show when and where from the product was brought.
  • If possible, take pictures of the site of accident.
  •  Have accurate addresses and phone numbers of the doctors treating the injured.

This information should be passed on when the claim is made.


  1. I'm interested in how you establish negligence. I was in an accident a week ago. I wrote down most of what I could remember happening. That's probably not going to be enough for the judge, so what else do I need to have a good case? I guess a personal injury attorney could help with that. I should just talk to one.

  2. Great information on working with a lawyer to help you when you've been injured. It's always good to know what to do in these situations. The article really helps with getting a clear cut case when reporting an injury.

  3. I had never considered filing a case due to defective products. However, this is a very good reason why you may be involved in an accident. If you have been seriously injured, having legal guidance may help you get the compensation you deserve.

  4. I agree with the point that you need to take pictures and document the evidence after an accident. This is something that is hard to remember right after an accident has occurred. Many times, it is hard to recall specific details even a couple hours after an incident, let alone a few weeks. The personal injury lawyers will be able to better help your case with proper documentation.

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  6. I always thought about automobile accidents when it comes to personal injury claims. I should have figured you could file a claim if you're injured by a faulty product. I mean, I knew that, but I didn't realize it was classified as a personal injury. This is very helpful information to keep in mind.

  7. I think it is a great idea to hire a personal injury attorney when dealing with injuries that resulted from defective products. Companies should be held liable when their products do not function as they are supposed to. A personal injury attorney can help you get compensation for medical bills.

  8. It is always a good idea to make sure to the keep the evidence of an injury. If you do not have the evidence then it is not likely that an attorney will be able to help you. It is always a good idea to give the attorney the whole story that you know. You would not want the attorney to be surprised by any information that you did not share.


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  10. Call me naive, but I wasn't aware that so many injuries from faulty products occur so frequently! You have to be able to prove the causation of the injury in order to have a case though, and that could be much harder to prove. At any rate, it is important to report the injury non-the-less.
    Mark Leach |