Monday, 22 September 2014

Anthony Castelli - Accident and Injury Attorney

Have you suffered a personal injury, been hurt or disabled? Are you concerned about protecting your future, and worried where money will come from to get things back to normal? For over 30 years I've helped hundreds of injury victims. Call on my help today to seek full compensation. You don't pay a fee unless and until you get your money damages paid.

Anthony Castelli - Accident and Injury Attorney
"I can tell  those who read this and watch your video that the message you shared is exactly how you treat your clients. The care and support you gave us was beyond anything we could have imagined. " - Karen Strong

If you have been injured by the fault of another such as in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, if have lost a loved one, or if you have been hurt and are  seeking Social Security benefits, then you have come to the right place. For over 30 years I have focused on protecting the rights of injury and accident victims and disabled people just like you. My focus will be on you. When times are tough, we all need someone to lean on. You can lean on me. I'll come running to your side.
We will stand up for you. My mission is to:
  1. Answer your questions
  2. Solve your problems
  3. Get you the best results possible

The biggest misconception that many people have is that the insurance company, whether it is yours or the other party’s, is on your side. They are not. In fact, they are out to pay you as little as possible. They are just waiting for you to make a costly mistake.
Sure, there are some cases that may not need a personal injury lawyer such as a minor injury case. But many of you have come here because you have a serious injury or illness and you need your questions answered and help to get the compensation you deserve. Try our helpful tips or our video library for some helpful answers. Also click on the personal injury topic areas to the left to get more information about your particular case.

Please know that you can call 1-513-621-2345 (toll free 1-800-447-6549) or email me and I will gladly answer your questions at no cost to you.

You probably want to know if I can help you get all the compensation, damages and benefits that you deserve. I invite you to review my biography, My promises to you, my 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, and the video on why clients hire Anthony Castelli. This will help you understand who I am, my experience and what has motivated me for over 30 years to fight with all my heart for injury and accident victims.

What you can do right now in time to protect yourself.
1. Contact me for a free, no obligation initial consultation. You can make an appointment to do this in my office or initially over the telephone or you can email me your problem for a free case evaluation. 
I really do welcome you to call me now at 1-800-447-6549 or locally at 513-621-2345.
My practice extends throughout the Greater Cincinnati, and Ohio region including Mason, West Chester, Lebanon, Batavia, Fairfield and Hamilton Dayton and Columbus. The time is now to get help for your personal injuries from a experienced greater Cincinnati personal injuries lawyer.

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