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All About Personal Injury Protection

Accidents and injuries are quite unfortunate and unexpected. That makes it more compulsory for us to insure oneself for such mishaps. Personal injury protection is an insurance that is apt in such cases. It does not focus on the person who is at fault but the damage done. 

All About Personal Injury Protection
Auto Policy
A person can insure against serious injuries and damage to the car with an auto insurance policy. Under this, the person will receive a sum assured. Many a time this sum may not be sufficient to recover from losses. Moreover, the insurance company adjusts your policy and pays you. This leaves us with deficient funds for repairs of the car and medical bills.

Personal injury protection
You can file an accident injury claim using any of these: bodily injury liability, personal injury protection (PIP), and medical payment. Auto insurance for personal injury protection is the right pick of the options mentioned above.  

Salient Features
  •  PIP provides for your medical bills within a particular limit
  •    It even covers recuperating expenses.
  •   It aids collateral repercussions that include loss of income and home aid.
  • It also functions partially as a health insurance for the injured irrespective of whether the person holds a health insurance or not.
  • A person who may be the cause of the accident is not liable for the injuries of the other, under PIP holder.
  • Each injured party involved in the accident is guaranteed a maximum coverage under this policy.

What it Covers
It pays a per-injured person benefit, the insurer, and the specified members of the policy. The policy pays the insurer irrespective of his fault in the accident. This means he being the first party insurance holder has the benefit of claim even if the accident is caused due to his fault. 

What is a Personal Injury Accideny?
It includes various medical expenses such as nursing, hospital, surgical, dental, ambulance and x-ray charges. PIP may also provide for medication both long term and short term and even prosthetic devices. 

If a person is disabled or sustains some injuries that throw his daily routine out of gear, he can receive benefits for household help or other chores and tasks. Loss of income is also covered under this policy. 

Funeral expenses are also borne by the insurer. In some cases, the heir of the person who died due to severe injuries also may be benefited.

PIP coverage limits vary from state to state and need to be studied thoroughly.

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