Friday, 20 June 2014

'Crash for cash' gangs 'target van drivers who are too busy to challenge them' as insurance claims soar by 51% in a year

Criminal gangs are increasingly targeting van drivers in ‘crash for cash’ scams, and have driven up personal injury claims by 51 per cent in a year, it has emerged.

Insurance giant Aviva said that the number of staged accidents it detected rose from 536 in 2012 to 820 last year.

Meanwhile, the number of individual fraudulent cash-for-crash claims rose from 1,417 to 2,200 over the same period – an increase of 55 per cent.

Now it has emerged that gangs are increasingly scouting for tradesmen on the roads believing they are too busy to challenge them and may not be fully insured, according to anti-fraud company APU.

Vans were involved in a third of all deliberate crashes last year.

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