Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ride Safe: 10 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Are you are a regular biker? If yes, then you will be aware of the horrifying consequences of riding a bike during not-so-safe conditions. However, today’s bike manufacturers are fully aware of these consequences and provide you the maximum safety with powerful accessories like gripy tires, powerful brakes, excellent handling, and protection gear. You should make the most of these accessories to avoid the below listed 10 common motorcycle accidents.

Ride Safe: 10 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them
Car Suddenly Turns Left
The car that is in front of you misjudges your speed or fails to spot you on the road, and suddenly takes a left turn. The psychology of the driver looking for a car perceives the absence of cars but doesn’t judge the presence of a motorcycle. While riding, you need to be extra careful about the small signs that might indicate that the car in front of you will take a turn. If you are nearing a crossing, slow down and cover your brakes to get ready to take any action.

Hit Gravel While Taking a Turn
While riding, we have been always taught to take a wide turn at blind corners. However, while riding we often forget this rule. If you take one such turn, and hit a sand patch, gravel, or other similar patches on your path, it is likely that you might have a dangerous fall. The simple rule to avoid this situation is to drive slow and always be in control of the vehicle. You should take a wide turn, so that you will get a clear vision of the path.

Took a Turn too Fast
It is fun to ride too fast, however this can be the biggest problem while taking a turn. Though you may think that you may be in full control of the bike, it is always advised to drive only as fast as you may handle. If you do take a turn riding too fast, do not press the brakes or lower the throttle. This may upset the bike’s traction and you will have a dangerous fall.

Car Changes Lane
If the car driving in front of you, changes lane and accidentally enters into your riding space, you are likely to face dangerous consequences. In such situations, the best possible solution is to go slow while you are at blind spots. Also if there are situations where lane changes are obvious, you must try to be extra careful. 

Car Hits You from Behind
You are slowing down at the crossing or intersection, and suddenly the car behind can’t control his car and hits you! The impact of the hit will decide the extent of the injury that occurs. In such cases, you need to take extra care while pulling up and try to rapidly flash your brake lights.

Applied Front Brakes
While you were enjoying your ride, some unnecessary event has brought the traffic to a halt. If in this situation, you press the front brake, you are likely to have a massive fall and the damages to your bike will be worse. To avoid such a fall, you should use the front brake wisely. If you are riding at higher speeds, you should first try to slow down before applying the brake.

Riding in a Group
If you are riding in a group, it is likely one of the riders might suddenly stop. If you are riding the bike at a high speed, you may have a fall. In such cases, you should train all the riders to follow the proper riding etiquettes. If anyone is facing any issues and wants to pull up, they should move the side and then halt.

Car Opens its Door
If you have faced a situation where the car driving in front of you, suddenly has its door opened. In no time, you will be laying on ground. The only way to avoid such situation is to refrain from driving adjacent to parked cars. You can never judge when the door of one of those cars will flung open, and you will be the victim to an accident.

Slippery Roads
You always need to be extra careful while riding the bikes during rainy season. The roads will be slippery and a slight imbalance can cause a great fall. Also, in case of oil spills, you should try to avoid such roads. During heavy rains, you should try to take a halt and wait till the rain subsides.
Try to keep in mind the above mentioned situations and also the solutions provided for the same. Drive safely!