Thursday, 11 September 2014

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Injuries are caused due to some accidents. Accidents may be of two types: one that are caused due to personal negligence or secondly, due to someone else’s negligence. Personal injury claim can be defined as insurance a person can claim, if he has suffered some damages in an accident due to the negligence of the other person. 

Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Types of Injuries
Injuries are mainly of two types: physical and financial. A person can file a law suit in any one of the above conditions or even a combination of these types. Because it also may be the case sometimes that one type may affect the other, and the damage may be a sum total of their damage.

Physical or bodily injury
Bodily injury is most often associated with personal injury claims. This type of injury claim is caused is caused by someone’s negligence. Most often, there is a bodily injury involved in Personal Injury Claim.
The injury may be as a result of highway or road traffic accidents.

The injuries caused in a work place, not necessarily by himself but due to a co-worker, supervisor, employee also entitles one to claim this insurance.

Industrial disease injury is not less common. A person may be employed in a factory where he is exposed to hazardous chemicals. Over a period of time, when he is in close contact of the chemical he may develop a disease. This can be a reason for the claim as well.

Due to slippery surfaces especially like in malls, stores, etc., one might sustain slip and fall injury. This can also be claimed under personal injury suits as it will be considered to be the negligence of the other party. Same could be the case if there is a collapse of a stadium, stage or for that matter bungee jumping and sky diving,

Financial injury
An injury can cause total or partial disability that may affect the person’s ability to work. As a result, the injured suffers financial losses. But it is not always necessary that a physical injury has to be attached to bodily injury. Though rare, financial injury may be independent of the above reason and may be caused due to other’s negligence. This includes the devaluation of the property, false law suit, defamation and, economic instability. Even this condition leads to personal injury claims.

Whatever be the reason of injury, it is important to take it up with a good attorney who will sail you safely and help you claim the maximum benefit possible. The only obligation though is that you should quickly respond to such situations and file a claim immediately.