Thursday, 5 June 2014

10 Steps to Getting a Fair Settlement for Your Injuries

STEP 1: Doctor/ Medical Treatment
10 Steps to Getting a Fair Settlement for Your InjuriesWhen you meet with an accident, the first and the foremost thing that you would require is proper medical assistance. By seeking prompt medical treatment, you can get the required relief. However, it is essential to take appointment with a good doctor and narrate him or her about your pain. Try to state all the details accurately and without a doubt. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill unnecessarily. Discuss about all the symptoms post accident, so that accurate analysis of the injuries can be done. Keep a record of the medical treatment that you undertake. Also congregate all the medical bills and your case file securely so that these can be used while filing the lawsuit for the personal injury or while chatting with the attorney.
STEP 2: Evidence
Another important aspect before filing a lawsuit for your personal injury is collecting as much relevant evidence as possible. Try to get hold of everything that comes into your possession so that it can be used afterward. For example - Your dismantled vehicle, spare-parts, clothing, shoes, glasses or any other foreign material. You can also take photographs of the place where the accident has taken place, without disturbing anything from the location. It is extremely important for the insurance company to know that you have all the important evidence in your custody.

STEP 3: File your Lawsuit right away
The moment you recover from the personal injury, file your lawsuit right away. Do not delay as that might not benefit you in anyway. It should be kept in mind that most of the insurance companies do not try to settle your claim unless and until they find it worth or genuine or have any pressure from an attorney. That is why, it would be fruitful only when you file your lawsuit right after the injury and start putting pressure on the insurance agent.

STEP 4: Conduct a Complete Investigation
Depending upon the nature of your personal injury loss, the investigation needs to be conducted accordingly. For example, you may require the assistance of an investigator or experts who can study the location of the accident and can try to reconstruct the situation and circumstances. In fact, examination is extremely important so that the attorney you hire receive all the records and statements of the witness statements accurately. All the material that you gather during the analysis acts as an evidence that can support your personal injury claim to get the fair settlement.

STEP 5: Write down Entire Medical and out of Pocket Expenses
Pen down all your expenses that can be included in the claim that you need to submit to the insurance company. The attorney that you will hire needs to know your entire medical and other legal expenses. It is possible that you may forget about the initial expenses and would realize only later. Things like cost of filing the lawsuit, expenses involved in the process of investigation, medical bills and reports, fees of the attorney, witness fee, cancelled checks, etc., should be written down. 

STEP 6: Lost wages
When you meet with an accident, it is quite possible that you may have to take leave from your place of work, till you recover from the personal injuries. This might result into loss of wages, as you may not get your salary for the number of days you remain absent because of the accident. In such instances, it would be helpful to gather evidence from the office muster, office ledger sheets or the time cards, pay slips or cash voucher slip. All these things act as a proof of your wages loss, which can be used to support your claim.

STEP 7: Don't release your Medical records to the other party's Insurance Company
Take proper precaution to keep your injury details and the entire accident related information safe with you. You should not leak your evidences such as the medical records to the insurance company of the other party. Your opponent can misuse it against you.

STEP 8: Know your Sources for Insurance CoverageMany times, people are not aware of the different sources from where they can get financial aid to cover the losses that arise because of the personal injury. It becomes important to know the various sources, so that coverage for insurance can be collected legally. It must be kept in mind that a victim can get legal coverage from 2-3 insurance policies, all together.

STEP 9: Keep your Attorney advised
If you have been taking assistance of an attorney to get fair settlement for your personal injury claim, then it would be helpful to keep the legal professional and his office advised at all times. For example, things like the entire evidences of the accident, change in address, total medical expenditure, and changes in your checkup treatment, the exact time of end of your medical treatment, loss of wages, loss of life or any other atypical alteration in your life.

STEP 10: Do not discuss the Case
To get fair settlement for your personal injury, it is wise not to disclose your case details with anybody. Keep in mind that the adjuster sent by the insurance company may record or photograph everything that you say to him. Opponents should not receive details of your case as they can threaten you or prevent you from getting fair compensation. However, trusted people like your family, close friends or your attorney is all right.