Friday, 9 May 2014

Free Personal Injury Consultation in GTA

Everyone complains about how much lawyers charge. But when you’re suffering from a personal injury due to a car accident or seeking disability benefits that you’re entitled to, you need to retain the services of a lawyer. That’s why Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law offers a free personal injury consultation. GTA residents won’t be charged, even if they decide to hire another attorney.

Once you’ve had your free personal injury consultation in our GTA office and decided to retain Hanson Duby as your personal injury lawyers, we will contact your insurance company to advise them that we will be representing you in your court case. We will handle all correspondence with your provider from that point forward.

Since you are our client, we will also work closely with your service provider to ensure that you receive the best care possible over the course of your court case.

Additionally, following your free personal injury consultation, GTA clients will also be required to provide income documents from the past three to five years to show changes in their work habits. If you cannot find a physiotherapist or occupational therapist, we have extensive contacts for healthcare professionals throughout the GTA and can recommend one to you.

After they come in for their free personal injury consultation, GTA clients will receive friendly, personable service from our team of lawyers and staff. From the time you hire us to the final outcome of your case, we will have substantial contact with you every step of the way.

Please have your full case history prepared when you come to our offices for your free personal injury consultation. GTA clients seeking a settlement should be fully prepared; this assists in getting the process moving along.

In addition to receiving a free personal injury consultation, GTA clients can rest easy knowing that we will not charge them until their case is settled.

We advise clients not to expect their case to be resolved overnight, as the process in Ontario takes two to three years. But there are ways that clients can help speed up the procedure so it doesn't take as long. For instance, we recommend undergoing medical treatment and/or receiving any diagnostic imaging immediately following your accident—any delay could result in your case taking even longer.

With their free personal injury consultation, GTA clients will receive an estimate of the value of their claim, provided they bring in their complete medical history following their accident. While we cannot give the exact amount until your case is heard, we will compare your case to others and provide an estimate of how much you could potentially receive.

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