Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Warns Pedestrians to be Careful of Motor Vehicles Following a Rash of Recent Fatalities

Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law (, a personal injury law firm serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), is warning pedestrians to be careful of motor vehicles after a number of recent accidents, including a woman who was fatally struck while walking her dog and a pedestrian who was killed helping another person cross the street.

On Monday, June 10, a 28-year-old woman and her dog were killed after being struck from behind by a car while walking on a sidewalk in Vaughan. The vehicle's driver and occupant were taken to hospital with minor injuries. In a separate incident, a pedestrian was struck and killed by a truck while crossing Steeles Avenue at Weston Road. The driver of the truck was unhurt, but taken to hospital and treated for shock. (Sources: “Woman, 28, and her dog fatally struck by car in Vaughan, north of Toronto,” CTV News, June 11, 2013,; “Female pedestrian fatally struck at Steeles and Weston,” CityNews Toronto, May 15, 2013,
According to Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law, accidents involving pedestrians can happen because of many reasons: sometimes drivers are distracted, negligent, or even reckless. In some cases, motorists negligently or recklessly drive onto sidewalks and strike pedestrians. 

“There has been a disturbing spike in pedestrian deaths in the GTA since early May,” says Spyros Bekiaris, a lawyer at Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law. “Pedestrian accidents can be extremely devastating and lead to serious physical and emotional trauma. Pedestrians injured by motor vehicles can face lost wages, costly medical bills, pain, and emotional distress. Injuries can also lead to death.”

Bekiaris joined Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law as an associate in September 2010. He graduated from York University with an Honours BA in political science in 2006 and from the Queen’s University, Faculty of Law with a JD in 2009. He formerly worked at a boutique insurance defence firm in Toronto, representing insurance companies.

Bekiaris has appeared before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Small Claims Court, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Divisional Court. Bekiaris represents clients in a variety of disputes including motor vehicle accidents, accident benefits, slips and falls, property damage claims and victims of assault, representing the victims. Bekiaris is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association and the Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association.

“Every pedestrian has rights, which include getting compensation for injuries sustained by motor vehicles," Bekiaris adds. "Pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents and family members of those killed need to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Toronto immediately after the accident occurs. In most cases, fault can be established against the driver of a vehicle if a pedestrian is hit while crossing the street in accordance with traffic laws. Even a pedestrian is partly at fault, they may still be entitled to compensation.” 

The personal injury lawyers at Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law remind pedestrians that if they have been injured in an accident, they are entitled to compensation. Unlike other provinces, in Ontario, you can both file an accident benefits claim and sue the driver at fault for damages. That is why pedestrian accident victims should seek the legal advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer in the GTA to discuss their legal options.

Hanson Duby Personal Injury Law is a personal injury law firm located in the Annex district of Toronto. The firm specializes in helping injured victims obtain compensation due to car accidents, long-term disability claims, life insurance claims, and product liability claims. The firm serves clients from across the Greater Toronto Area and provides service in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Greek, and French. The site will soon evolve again and be updated to include pages in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, and Greek to better serve those communities.


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