Monday, 20 May 2013

Dos and Don'ts of Personal Injury Cases

Getting a personal injury claim is a very tedious task if you go for it alone. Without a thorough understanding of the terms and conditions of the policy and the claim procedures you may secure an unfair compensation or even lose the case. 

Listed below are the dos and don’ts of personal injury cases which when followed would prove to be beneficial down the road:


The first step is to seek medical care and assistance to avoid any further complications. After this, summon the police, if appropriate, as most of the insurance companies demand for a police report during the court proceedings. In addition to this, make sure that you report the insurance company about the personal injury as soon as possible as there is time limit for filing personal injury claims. Medical report stating the injuries is also an important document which you need to produce before the court so that you can justify the amount you have claimed for. Hence, ensure that you have this report ready beforehand.

Gathering witnesses, photographic and video graphic proofs and evidences clearly pointing out the fault of the third party in appropriate scenarios is also very essential. This will help you a lot in proving that it was someone else who was responsible for the personal injury and hence you are eligible for the claim according to the personal injury law. Hiring investigators and experts and seeking free consultation will be the right way to begin with your personal injury claim as they are equipped with all the knowledge necessary for handling and winning such cases.  


Many a times the insurance company sends an investigator to gather information about the incident so that they get an idea about the mishap and turn the decision in their favor. It is very important to understand that you are not required to provide any kind of data, written or verbal, to the insurance agent. Another factor which is a big ‘no’ is do not sign on any kind of legal or blank document without consulting an attorney as it can put you in great trouble in future. 

There are many more things which you need to take care of when thinking of filing a personal injury claim and obtaining rightmost claim for the damage.