Friday, 26 April 2013

Personal Injury Claims Are The Legal Way To Get Compensation

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone and at anytime as they form the most unpredictable part of every person’s life. They can happen as a result of either personal negligence or negligence of the other party. Hence, it is very important to seek legal help to know what you are owed in case of personal injuries. The best step to get started with the claim procedure is to know whether you have a claim or not. Following is a list of the scenarios in which you can file a personal injury claim:

•    Road traffic accidents
•    Accidents in home
•    Accidents at work
•    Tripping accidents
•    Assault claims
•    Holiday accidents
•    Accidents caused due to faulty products
•    Medical accidents
•    Dental accidents
•    Industrial diseases such as asbestosis, silicosis, asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary disorders, occupational stress, occupational deafness, and others

These are some of the most common situations that are considered valid for filing a personal injury claim.

What Information to Record?

Once you have confirmed that you can claim for your injury you need to keep track of some points from the time the injury has occurred. These points are:

1.    Record the names and contact information like telephone number and address of all the witnesses and parties involved in the accident.
2.    Inform the police about the date and time of the accident. If possible, try to inform the police no sooner than the accident has occurred.
3.    Inform the family doctor about the injury.
4.    If possible, try to make arrangements for photographs of the accident spot.
5.    Notify your employer and insurance company about the injury or the accident.
6.    If the victim is an infant, make sure that the school is informed about the mishap.
7.    Keep a track of all the information that the insurance company might ask for such as hospital bills, medication bills, transportation bills and alike.
8.    Contact a lawyer and know all your rights because there are strict deadlines and time limits that must be met if you do not want to miss out on your claim or disqualify from obtaining the compensation.

Importance of Legal Consultation

Personal injury claims are the legal way to get compensation. Consulting a personal injury lawyer before filing for a claim will help you determine what you are exactly owed. A good lawyer will introduce you to all the intricacies of the claim procedure so that you can easily navigate through the compensation process and the law. However, make sure that you talk to the lawyer only when you are medically stable because whatever you speak will be recorded and taken into consideration at the time of final judgment.

Filing a personal injury claim is a very tedious task. Moreover, failure in understanding the terms and conditions or any clause, may pose great problems before you in near future and also deprive you of the claim amount. Hence, it is very important to seek legal assistance and find out what your personal injury claim owes you.