Thursday, 18 April 2013

Life Insurance Claims Lawyers in Toronto

Life insurance is such a claim that none of us would ever like to claim for, but still we purchase it so that we can ensure the financial security of our loved ones. Though the money will not get the person back, it will make a lot of difference in coping with the financial needs of rest of the family members who are completely dependent on the dead. 

Life insurance claim procedure requires expertise in order to navigate through the legal proceedings smoothly and efficiently. Consulting personal injury lawyers would prove to be of great help in such situations, since they have a complete knowledge of all the rules and regulations. 

Till the time you recover from the loss, your personal injury lawyer will take over all the legal formalities. It will help you in arranging all the documents that the insurance company might ask for. Moreover, there is a certain limit within which you must file for a claim. Most of the people fail to take a note of this point and lose on their much needed claims. With the help of a lawyer you can file for the claim on time.  

You need to be very careful when filing for a life insurance claim, since most of the insurance companies try to manipulate the terms to settle the claim in their favor. Some of the most common reasons that result in denial of life insurance claims are listed as follows:

  • Misrepresentation of material
  • Failure in payment of timely premiums
  • Preexisting history exclusions
  • Nonconformity with the proof of loss provisions of the insurance contract
  • Denial of claim because of misinterpretation of what an “accident” means
The insurance company might disapprove your life insurance claims in any of these situations. Hence, make sure that you provide the correct documents and proofs.

The life insurance claims lawyers will protect you from frauds and help you in obtaining the claim benefits which is your right in case of death of a family member.  In addition to this, they also provide you with the much needed emotional support helping through some of the most difficult times of your lives. 


  1. Do I need a lawyer to validate a life insurance claim? If so, can I use a Vancouver personal injury law firm to do it even if I'm in the States? I have a friend who can.

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