Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hanson Duby, Toronto’s Leading Personal Injury Law Firm, Cautions Motorists to Look Out for Cyclists with Warmer Spring Weather

Hanson Duby, a personal injury law firm serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), recently issued a statement cautioning drivers to look out for cyclists as the spring weather warms up, reminding cyclists to be aware of their rights and motorists’ obligations for the safety of cyclists.

According to Hanson Duby, even if a cyclist is driving properly and wearing safety gear, they are at a disadvantage when involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. Injuries often include: traumatic brain injury, spinal cord or serious orthopaedic injuries, internal injuries, abrasions, lacerations, and the amputation of limbs.

“Motorists often point the finger at cyclists for being the cause of bike/car accidents, but a Toronto analysis of 2,572 police collision reports proves otherwise,” says Brad Duby, Senior Partner at Hanson Duby. “Some drivers view bicyclists as being ‘in their way,’ which can lead to aggressive driving and road rage—and ultimately, not leaving enough room for cyclists.”

Duby graduated from Queen’s University with an Honours BA in 1996, from the University of Guelph with an MA in 1998, and from the University of Windsor with his LLB degree in 2001. Duby was admitted to the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2002. He is a member of the Ontario Bar Association and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association. 

Duby's practice is devoted to all types of personal injury litigation on behalf of plaintiffs, including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, environmental claims, long-term disability, and slip and falls.
As Hanson Duby states, the most common type of accident involves motorists entering an intersection controlled by a stop sign or red light, and either failing to stop properly, or proceeding before it is safe to do so. The second most common accident involves a motorist passing a cyclist in an unsafe manner. The third most common incident occurs when a motorist opens a door onto an oncoming cyclist. In fact, cyclists are the cause of less than 10% of bike-car accidents.

“There are several ’rules of the road’ that are useful in pursuing bicycle accident claims,” adds Duby. “The Highway Traffic Act states that a motorist who strikes a pedestrian or cyclist bears the onus of proof that the loss or damage did not arise through the negligence or improper conduct of the motorist. That means that if you were hit by a motor vehicle, the driver faces the challenge of trying to demonstrate to the court that they did nothing wrong.”

In all of these cases, the personal injury lawyers at Hanson Duby provide effective legal advice and representation to those injured in cycling accidents and to the family members of those who died in such accidents. They seek full compensation for the damages caused by the negligence of others.
Hanson Duby Lawyers is a personal injury law firm located in the Annex district of Toronto. The firm specializes in helping injured victims obtain compensation due to car accidents, long-term disability claims, life insurance claims, and product liability claims. The firm serves clients from across the Greater Toronto Area, and provides service in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Greek, and French. The company’s web site will soon be updated to include pages in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, and Greek to better serve those communities.


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